Anyone can add their social innovations to GIE and include the basic details about the innovation, as well as key milestones achieved. GIE partners with funders and other ecosystem actors (incubators, accelerators, etc.) to identify and verify these innovations, using Milestones that can serve as a badge of validation.

By providing "Verified" Milestones to innovations, the partner is saying "We've done some due diligence regarding these innovations as part of the connected organization or program and provided specific support." That is, we've validated this innovation. 

Currently, validation or support in the form of “Funds Raised” and “Recognition” can be marked as "Verified" on GIE. EnerGaia, for example, has a verified-funds-raised milestone for October 2016 (of $381,325) from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  • Funds Raised is a transaction between a funder and an innovation on a set date for a set amount. 
  • Recognitions can be non-financial support (e.g. Part of Incubator Cohort) or acknowledgment (e.g. Featured Innovator at a high profile event). 

"Verified" means that this information has been reviewed and confirmed for accuracy by Global Innovation Exchange in partnership with the organization that funded or recognized the innovation or another equally reliable source. That is, there is a source that confirmed that funding or recognition activity happened as noted on the site.

How to find and use this "Verified" information: 

  • On innovation pages, you can see this in the Milestones section (e.g. On EnerGaia's innovation profile in the Milestones section, see the Verified Recognition Received and Funds Raised milestones from Oct 2016). Use this information to see the verified validation these innovations have received from various organizations in the ecosystem.

  • Program pages (e.g. On the STI Forum 2018 page, see the innovations they have provided a Verified Recognition to). Use this to see which innovations programs have validated.

  • Organization pages (e.g. On the Grand Challenges Canada page, see the innovations they have provided Verified funding to). Use this to see which innovations organizations have validated.

  • On the Innovation Search page, you can filter to view only innovations that have Verified Funding. See here. Use this to narrow your search of innovations to only innovations that have at least one verified funder on GIE. 

If you have an innovation profile on GIE and are looking to have a Milestone Verified, reach out to a link to your innovation profile on GIE and information about the Milestone you would like Verified. 

If you have a portfolio of innovations that you'd like to add to GIE with a similar Verified validation, email our Data & Partnerships Lead, Allison Ettenger