Having a complete innovation profile on is the first step in getting the most out of Global Innovation Exchange. 

To support social entrepreneurs in their journey to scale, we have a number of initiatives that can help you find the next funder or partner in which having an up to date innovation profile is a critical factor.

Some examples include:
Innovation Finder - We’ll be working with funders and other scaling partners to provide them a short list of innovations to consider from our database. An up-to-date innovation profile will help surface you up for consideration by our team.

Funding Alerts - We’ll be sending alerts for new and expiring funding on the platform that are relevant to your based on your innovation profile details like sector, country, stage and more. Hopefully this will make finding the right funding opportunities on GIE even easier.

Featured in GIE marketing - We hand-pick the best innovation profiles on GIE to be included on our site, in media, and social media.


GIE isn't only for social entrepreneurs like you, many funders, partners, and ecosystem players use GIE's database of over 11,000 innovation to understand landscapes, find existing solutions, and perform due diligence.

Priorities for partners and funders also often change. We urge you to keep your innovation up-to-date with the latest milestones and contact information so you can always have the best chance at getting discovered and considered for various opportunities.


Need help updating your innovation? Check out our FAQ's on innovation profiles more information. 


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