Milestones are a feature within innovation profiles that enable innovation owners to share their accomplishments with the world. Funders and others looking to support or collaborate with your innovation will look at this section to see the growth and progress of your innovation over the years. 

Let's start with two basic milestones: 

  1. Innovation Created: the date when your innovation was developed or created. This should be the date you first started working on your innovation (vs. when it was officially registered so you show the story of your innovation from the beginning). 
  2.  New Country Implemented In: for every low- or- middle-income country that your innovation is already active in. This will also be added in your summary section at the top of your innovation. Tip: Add multiple milestones for each time you expanded to new countries so you can show the growth trajectory to prospective partners.


See how to add a new country milestone here:

Additionally, as your innovation has other achievements, add them in as Milestones to show that your innovation has received validation from other organizations or programs or acquired other achievements that will help demonstrate your innovation's scaling journey. Below are the type of achievements that funders and scaling partners looking at these innovation profiles have told us are most valuable to them: 

  • Funds Raised*: Create a Funds Raised milestone if you’ve received funds for your innovation. Specify the date, amount and funder. You can also add details such as what you received the funding for or the type of funding. 

  • Recognition Received*: Add a recognition milestone if you've received an award or any other recognition from an organization or program. This can include global or local recognitions such as being selected to present your innovation at an event, winning a competition or award and much more. Add the best recognition you've received that show that a third party provided a seal of validation for your innovation. 

  • Key Partnerships: Have you partnered with any Programs or Organizations? You can select from the following types of partnerships: Government, Implementation, Research and Other. These go a long way in demonstrating that another entity has trusted to do business with you. 

  • In the News: Share any articles, blogs or other news items that showcase your innovation. You can include local or global publications that talk highly of your innovation. 

  • Lives ImpactedHow many new lives did your innovation impact by this date? Tip: Add multiple lives impacted milestones that add up to the total number of lives impacted to date. The total number will be calculated automatically and displayed in the top summary section of your innovation page. 
  • New Product or Service: Has your innovation launched a new product or service?

 * You can add an announcement link demonstrating the authenticity of the milestone. We highly recommend that you do. In the case that a prospective partner is interested in your innovation, this will make it easier for them to quickly confirm the information. We also use the links in our process to mark these as "Verified". 

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