This 2 part article, focuses on how social entrepreneurs can use GIE to find funding that is a good fit for their innovation. It is important to narrow down funding to only those that are a good fit for your innovation so you are not wasting time both for yourself and the funder by applying for funding that your innovation does not qualify for. Funders have specific strategic priorities that they have to stick to and many have obligations to their funders to make certain types of investments.

For this step: Go to the Funding directory to discover new opportunities and check out these 3 tips! 

1. Use the filters on the page to search for funding opportunities that are a good fit for your innovation. Here’s how to use each filter:

  • Amount: Add the minimum and/or maximum amount of funding that you are seeking for your innovation. The filter is in USD but the funding tiles on the directory page and the individual funding page show the amount in the funder’s currency.
  • Implemented In: This filter refers to the countries/regions where your innovation has already been implemented. This is often a mandatory requirement for funding that your innovation be implemented in a specific country to qualify for that funding.
  • Focus Areas: This filter refers to sectors or topics that your innovation is focused on. See the full list here. This is often another mandatory requirement that your innovation must meet to qualify for that funding.
  • Stage: This filter refers to the innovation’s stage that funding opportunity is a fit for. Your innovation must be at one of the stages noted and shouldn't be earlier or later than that. Learn more about stages on GIE here.
  • Funding Type: This filter refers to the type of funding you are searching for. Options include Grant, Equity or Loan. 
  • Funded By: This filter allows you to narrow down your search by funding opportunities by specific funders or funding programs. This is a good filter to use if you want to research a specific funder.

Check out how to use filters on the Funding directory below:


2. Test out some keywords or search terms in that are unique to your innovation! 

Check out a sample search with keywords "technology" or "health" in the Funding directory:

3. Did you know that you can sort the funding ops in your results by deadline or  amount? Check out the "Sort by" button like in the screenshot below.


Play with GIE's filters and test out search terms until you find some potentially good fit funding for your innovation. We recommend that you open each potential opportunity in a new tab so you can keep browsing on the search page.

Pro Tip: Click on “Show Closed Funding” to reveal opportunities that are not accepting applications right now. Use this to find programs that have rounds every year. They might have one coming up in the next few months! You can use this to research which funders, in general, tend to fund innovations like yours and get insight into a possible upcoming announcement.

Once you've opened the funding opportunities that you'd like to investigate further in new tabs, go to this article for step 2 of 2.