Here’s how to ensure that your innovation profile stands out to get on the radar of funders and supporters:

  • Funders want to see your work! Add photos and videos showing your customers, team, or the community you serve by using the gallery section in your profile to showcase your work in action.
  • Have a website? The URL helps funders and other ecosystem supporters learn more and potentially reach out.
  • Keep the title of your innovation profile short and unique. This page is for your entire organization, not a specific product or service. Other sections of the profile will help you tell your story in more detail
  • Select your primary focus areas carefully. More isn’t better here and being specific will help funders find you. Also GIE will match these to email alerts and recommendations in the future.
  • Launch a new product or service or expand into a new country? Showcase it in a milestone.
  • Keep your profile updated and share your recent accomplishments in your milestone timeline, like a news article featuring your work.
  • Funders and supporters all want to see your impact. In a “Lives Impacted” milestone, showcase the number of total lives your social enterprise has impacted directly.